All of your dreams only come out at night 
There where you are, none of your colors are daylight
Though they be longing for daylight
Where is your heart?
I’m coming over!
With love over my body
Making new love to someone
Love to somebody new!

from Pulsing, by Tomas Barford

Tomas Basford, Pulsing.

Jose Segrelles

no legend. no life. no hope.

(Source: exitinsistexist, via beatinspector)

past & future.
© Cristina Livramento

Criando novas conexões.
© Cristina Livramento


My baby’s cake, 17 years old. <3

Portrait by Cynthia Duailibi.
March, 2014.

Meus avós maternos e primos.
Obrigada vô e vó. Sempre.


I feel dirty
inside in the deep of madness
I have these things piercing in my heart
and mouth
just too heavy memories

I can look around
but I just see loneliness
can you bring my hope back
please can you take off this hole inside my stomach
may I finally drink my poison to the death?

I can feel you around me
whispering me words, sounds and laughs
like in those days in the past

I learned how to fly in the highest blue sky
near of the stars and the moon
waiting for the last breath to the kiss of the end

Cristina Livramento

on the road, like a beatnik.


From the train on the way to Veszprém on 1st of March 2014.

Leaving Budapest.

A man with memories in his pockets looking for hope and a new life.

And more photos of toilettes around the world. This one is from Hungary taken by Beatinspector.


From Veszprém to Győr. Unfortunately I missed the train in the morning. I waited 4 hours to have another cheap-sub-liner train cars.

Luckily I met with a young lady from the near area so we talked about everyday thoughts during the journey. 

No pictures were taken but surely recommending for nature lovers the are called Porva-Csesznek for hiking and suck up some fresh energies from the green supremacy.

Somehow I picked up the habit top take pics about toilettes. Thanks to